TASM Camp Policies & Forms – Summer 2021

Theatre at St. Michael’s (TASM) Camp Policies & Forms

We know there are many questions and much new information that camp families will need to process this summer. Here is some initial information, which will be updated as we get closer &/or need to make any adjustments to our plans. Please don’t hesitate to email Christina Johnston if you have further questions. Thank you!


We are busily planning the summer season for TASM 2021, and keeping close tabs on the evolving nature of the pandemic.

Given projections for the summer, we anticipate that we will be in a position to offer a full suite of in-person camp sessions for 2021. This is fantastic news! At the same time, we are preparing a range of contingencies, depending on the situation at that time.

Here are the details: We intend to offer 6 weeks of traditional TASM sessions (the Teen Shakespeare, original Musical and regular Shakespeare; from June 28 – August 7). We are hoping to mount full productions of those shows as in past years. If we are able to have in-person audiences, they will be limited. In addition, we will video all performances to be shared far and wide online.

If, however, we need to pivot towards something more akin to summer 2020’s restricted pods and online audience, we can move into that model with confidence borne of last summer’s success.

IF we need to streamline and consolidate our sessions, all three sessions will be offered to a limited number of campers (those already registered on a first-come-first-served basis), from July 19 – 31.

As always, our first priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy, and we will continue planning the summer camp season with that in mind. 

What forms do I need to fill out before camp?

TASM camp forms will include a Medical Information form, a Dismissal & Release Form, as well as (optional) Lunch and T-shirt Forms. These will be uploaded here and emailed to registered campers in the coming weeks.