Our Alumni are Leaders!

Katherine (Katie) Coaty ’03, an ensign in charge of the gunnery division aboard the guided missile cruiser USS San Jacinto, was featured in a Newport Daily News article about women in the Navy on August 17, 2012. She is a graduate of Fordham University ’11 where she majored in political science while also taking courses in calculus, engineering and leadership for her Navy ROTC training. She leads a division of 17 enlisted sailors and is in charge of all small arms on the ship. Katie is living proof of her own words, “There are very few jobs left in the Navy that a woman can’t do.”

Polar Bear! Seal! Whale! Gay G. Sheffield ’77, a marine biologist and Bering Strait agent in the Marine Advisory program (Alaska Sea Grant) at the University of Alaska – Fairbanks, spoke to the 2nd Grade about marine life in coastal Alaskan waters on September 27, 2012. On a visit home to Rhode Island from Nome, Alaska, Gay brought many slides to show to our students. The 2nd Grade will be studying the Arctic and marine life later this year. Gay graduated from UNH ’85 (BS) and University of Alaska-Fairbanks ’97 (MA-Marine Biology).

Christian Vareika ’01, deputy communications director for Gov. Lincoln Chafee (I-RI), wrote the speech the Governor delivered at the Democratic National Convention on the evening of Tuesday, September 4, 2012.

If you have information about alumni in the news, please email a link to the article or other relevant details to Jennifer Huntley at or call 401-849-5970 x 305.

COVID 19 update — our campus is closed but #SMSstaysconnected!

At this time, there are no known cases of COVID 19 in our SMS community. As Head of School Jim Heus wrote in a letter home to parents:

“In keeping with our nation’s efforts to maintain social distancing, and consistent with Governor Raimondo’s two-week suspension of public schools throughout the state, we will launch our plan for distance learning. We have planned, rehearsed and are ready to execute ‘virtual’ instruction on Monday, March 30th.”

Please CLICK HERE for FAQs on COVID 19 and distance learning.