Traits for Success


At the highest level of curriculum development, we search for ways to guide children to take full advantage of the many challenges and opportunities provided to them.

At St. Michael’s Country Day School, we ask that teachers, parents, students and administrators demonstrate “Traits for Success.” Research indicates that these character traits play the most significant role in enabling students to achieve success in school and in later life. Such factors as reading levels, affluence, grades, and I.Q. do not correlate as highly with eventual success as Organization, Attentiveness, Courage, Generosity, Persistence, Positive Attitude, Flexibility, Collaboration, and Responsibility.

September: Organization

I plan ahead. I have places for everything. I’m ready to learn.

October: Attentiveness

I focus on important things.

November: Courage

I am willing to stand up for what is right. I challenge myself.

December: Generosity

I give of myself to othersI act with empathy.

January: Persistence

I keep trying in the face of adversity.

February: Positive Attitude

I can do it!

March: Flexibility

I try new ideas and different methods.

April: Collaboration

I work cooperatively and confidently with others.

May: Responsibility

I can be counted on. I take charge of my learning. I am a kind, honest, compassionate, and respectful person.