Adventure Camps

Our day camps for this age group run from 9am – 1pm (with staggered arrival/dismissal times for increased safety) and are divided by age to enhance the experiences our campers enjoy throughout their camp program.  Age groups are broken down as follows: 3’s and young 4’s (fully potty trained) and 4/5 year olds. Childcare may also be available for children enrolled in our Morning Adventurer Camps from 1pm – 2:45pm. (for children 4 and 5 years old only). For more specifics on childcare after camp (CAC), scroll to the bottom of the page.

MORNING ADVENTURERS (Ages 3-5*) Half Day Only**

Full Day Option until 2:45pm – Childcare After Camp may be available for children age 4 & 5 only. This will be based on the guidelines that are in place at the time of camp. We will keep families informed.

Our Morning Adventurers program separates our young campers into two age groupings: 3’s and 4’s/5’s. Each age group examines the same weekly themes; however, various ability dictates the level of depth each group explores. Because learning and physical development of our younger campers vary, this grouping serves the best interest of each camper. Our camp groups are small, thereby allowing for individual assistance. The experiences our campers gain in our Morning Adventurers program builds confidence while enjoying creative play among peers. We offer a structured morning program which allows for various forms of intellectual and physical activity. A typical morning will include, but will not be limited to: daily swim, early childhood playground play, story time, a theme based activity, musical activity, and creative movement.  Our program is designed for children to feel comfortable to express themselves no matter what age level.  We encourage respect, awareness, and acceptance of one’s uniqueness, while learning how to cooperate and appreciate others. Our facility is very conducive to this nurturing approach. Your child’s safety and security is our utmost concern and our activities take place in classrooms and outdoor boundaries designed specifically for this age group.  Please feel free to drop-in; we would love to show you around! The weekly session rate for a half day is $325 for a half day. If registration is paid in full before May 1st, families receive an early bird discount of $25 off for each week of camp.

*all morning adventurers must be fully potty trained.

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JUNIOR ADVENTURERS (Entering 1st – 4th Grade) Half Or Full Day

Our Junior Adventurers program is designed to allow children entering 1st through 4th grade a fun-filled, active, day-camp experience! At “Summer at St. Michael’s,” we do just that! Our local, national and international mix of campers brings a diversity of interests and experiences similar to that of an over-night camp.  At any given time throughout our summer, we will have campers from approximately 30 different states and four to five countries. This mix is great for our program; our campers are encouraged to explore, experiment and raise their own bar — even though it’s summer! We guide our campers in daily opportunities for physical, intellectual, and creative development.  Their daily focus is designed around the project directly related to the camp theme; however, there is also time for swim, field games, and the creative arts. Depending on the weekly theme, some of these activities naturally compliment one another.  Often our Junior Adventurers camps will have some sort of finale, whereby, campers invite their families and friends to come enjoy what they have learned throughout their week. Please take a good look at our selections, there is sure to be something here for you!

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All children enrolled in the Morning Adventurer Camp age 4 and 5  are eligible to participate in the CAC  program. It runs from 1pm – 2:45pm. The fee for 1:45pm pick up is $15 per day and $35 per day for 2:45pm pick up.