French 8

Quiz : Weds 5/17 on “Conditional and Si clauses”

In DEUXIÈME LIVRE do: p. 143-144 Ex. H

p. 145-146 Ex. J

p. 147-148 Ex. N

Brunch video drafts for class next Wednesday

Here’s what’s due for your next class:

1. a working thesis/theme for your video – this is the idea that you will build your story around. You now have an idea of what others are doing, don’t be afraid to try something unique. You are each different, why should your video pieces be the same?
2. a piece of music that amplifies your thesis/theme
3. at least one minute of your video drafted that we can react to in class

Finally, looking ahead, you will send Mrs. Holden and I a complete draft of your video on Friday (May 19th) so we have time to review it before your class on May 24th. Remember that your exams start on May 30th, so the more time you spend on this project now the better.

Feel free to share any drafts along the way if you’d like feedback, and let me know if you have any questions.