“I watched my son developing as a student and a scholar, but once he hit sixth grade, it really took off. It was amazing to see him using study skills and organization skills that I never learned until I was in college. SMCDS gave that to him….”   Father of a SMCDS sixth grader, 2014

Sixth grade continues to build upon the cognitive, emotional, and social growth development that has been building in each child since their years in Preschool. Coursework  emphasizes the joys of the learning process while also being content specific. Hallmarks of an SMCDS sixth grade experience include enhanced study skills, greater personal and academic responsibility and accountability, and deeper levels of depth and breadth of analysis and synthesis of ideas.

Teacher emphasize providing students with the necessary tools for self-motivated, intellectual, and meaningful achievement. Students engage with hands-on projects, science labs, and off-campus studies,  while continuing to hone their skills with reading, writing, reflecting, analyzing, and creating.

The blending of technology into the core curriculum continues with the implantation of SMCDS’s iPad program, which begins in 3rd grade, and picks up momentum as the students move through their middle school year.  Each student is given an iPad to help them in reading, writing, and creating for in-class and homework assignments. English classes continue to meet eight times per week in sixth grade. Students are assigned to a full year of  their choice of either French I or Spanish I courses that meet five times per week. Art, music, and technology classes continue and visual and performing arts electives are again part of each student’s week. Students participate in after school team sports – soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and tennis.