Good minds require good bodies, and good bodies require good food!

Parents have the option to send in lunch with their children or order a school lunch on Wednesdays.


This school year, lunch will be offered on Wednesdays. The lunch program will be divided into three terms; the beginning of school until Thanksgiving Break, Thanksgiving Break to Spring Break, and Spring Break to the end of the year.
Parents must sign up for an entire term at the beginning of each term by the indicated deadline.
We will not be able to accommodate term sign-ups or make changes to orders after the deadline. In addition, to minimize costs with our vendor we will not credit for days your
child misses a Wednesday lunch.
Lunch for Term 1 will include pizza, a tossed salad with a side of dressing, and a side veggie (carrots, celery, broccoli).
This first term includes 11 Wednesdays. All school lunch expenses will be billed once a term by the business office.

Please note: some of our students have a peanut allergy.  Taking this into consideration, the following resource is available for ideas on “safe snacks”.  If you have questions on peanut-free food, please contact Megan Buchanan, School Nurse at 401-849-5970 ext 389