Mission Statement

St. Michael’s Country Day School provides a dynamic curriculum that is built on excellence and inspires students to:
Learn with confidence
Lead with character
Achieve lasting success

Philosophy Statement

At St. Michael’s Country Day School, we believe that the foundations of human character are formed at a young age and that our ability to inspire these character traits will determine the future success of our students, our community, and our world.  Learn more about our Traits for Success.

We are a learning community that:

  • Embraces the principle that Persistence is at the core of every successful endeavor;
  • Encourages our students to be Attentive and to focus on goals and that draw from personal strengths and passions;
  • Empowers our students to live a life of Courage by being risk takers, innovators, and leaders who are willing to stand up for what is right;
  • Values Flexibility as the foundation for critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving;
  • Prepares our students to become Responsible global citizens and confident communicators;
  • Instills confidence and the value of critical self-reflection through Organization;
  • Broadens our student’s awareness of the world as they Collaborate in a community of inclusion, tolerance, equity, and justice;
  • Inspires students to find joy in learning and to approach all challenges with a Positive Attitude;
  • Nurtures empathy, compassion, and a lifelong commitment to community service through acts of Generosity;

This mission and philosophy statement is overseen by the Board of Trustees working cooperatively with the school community.