A keystone of our technology program is the de Ramel InnovationLab, where students create innovative projects using our growing collection of high tech equipment (Glowfore Laser, 3D printers, vinyl printer, video software, Raspberry Pi computer boards) and familiar low tech materials (paper, cardboard, Legos, wood, cloth, plastic).   Students use the MakerLab tools to explore, research, and create an unlimited range of technology driven projects.

Our students in grades 3-8 have their own Apple MacBook Air laptops that they take home every night. Having their own laptop lets them work whenever and wherever they are inspired. Students will bring their designs back to campus and bring them to life with one of our maker lab tools.

Students can be seen in the MakerLab designing and creating website to sell T-shirts, writing and filming a Claymation video, programming a computer simulation, or researching and designing a new wearable technology.  Projects are limited only by imagination and a student’s interest in exploring new ideas.

Boat Build

Sample Innovation Project

The Boat Build project is an introduction to 3D printing with purpose. Rather than just printing plastic pieces, the students design and print something that is created with intention and use.  Students have the ability to test and redesign the prototype based on data and ultimately, the contest at the end determines the project’s success.

Boat is printed, but how can it propel the forward?

Skills Targeted:

  • Design Thinking
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • 3D Design Software
  • Physics, Science
  • Buoyancy

The ultimate goal of this project is to offer specialized classes with the intention of integrating them into standard classroom curriculum.

COVID 19 update — our campus is closed but #SMSstaysconnected!

At this time, there are no known cases of COVID 19 in our SMS community. As Head of School Jim Heus wrote in a letter home to parents:

“In keeping with our nation’s efforts to maintain social distancing, and consistent with Governor Raimondo’s two-week suspension of public schools throughout the state, we will launch our plan for distance learning. We have planned, rehearsed and are ready to execute ‘virtual’ instruction on Monday, March 30th.”

Please CLICK HERE for FAQs on COVID 19 and distance learning.