Welcome to the Rose Canepari Library

The St. Michael’s library serves as a resource for students and faculty. The library provides diverse print and nonprint resources to promote a love of good literature and to aid in research activities.

Within the book collection, the library provides over 6,000 titles that serve the youngest members of the St. Michael’s community as well as the oldest. Books and materials– such as audiobooks and video recordings — are in the collection to support classroom activities as well as to promote reading for pleasure and leisure. In an age of overwhelming information, students are taught to be selective users of information and to select materials that best answer their research questions.

They are taught to be discerning in their choices and selections for sources of information. The library provides many aids to the research process that enable students to develop their information literacy. As well as being integrated into the life of the school by providing resources for students and faculty, the library also acts as the venue for book fairs, plays, meetings and movies. Each of these activities brings together different members of the St. Michael’s community and helps make the library a focal point in the life of the school.