Riegel_161027_0624When they move into second grade, children enter a new stage in their learning. The climb up the stairs to the second floor of the Mason House, and having a desk of their own are just two of the signs that they are  taking greater responsibility, working more independently, and being increasingly accountable for their learning and actions.

Second grade students continue to develop their skills through guided reading and start to make the important transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

Through the Singapore math program students further develop their understanding of place value and begin to add and subtract larger numbers using regrouping. They solve story problems using the strategy of model drawing and continue to develop problem solving skills.

Riegel_161027_0635Throughout the year in science, they explore how the physical world has changed over time through an integrated curriculum that moves from rocks, fossils and volcanoes to the formation of islands and a study of the ocean. The opportunity to explore various themes allows the students to learn and develop important research skills through their investigations.

Classroom projects include making a travel brochure about an island, as well as which  creating an individual ocean-related project that is reflective of the growth they have made in working responsibly and independently. Second graders participate weekly in French, music, art, library, physical education, science, technology and drama classes taught by specialists who work closely with the classroom  teachers to integrate the curriculum so that subjects are studied in depth and from many viewpoints.

COVID 19 update — our campus is closed but #SMSstaysconnected!

At this time, there are no known cases of COVID 19 in our SMS community. As Head of School Jim Heus wrote in a letter home to parents:

“In keeping with our nation’s efforts to maintain social distancing, and consistent with Governor Raimondo’s two-week suspension of public schools throughout the state, we will launch our plan for distance learning. We have planned, rehearsed and are ready to execute ‘virtual’ instruction on Monday, March 30th.”

Please CLICK HERE for FAQs on COVID 19 and distance learning.