Technology Use At SMCDS

Technology allows us great power, but with great power comes great responsibility, and as such, all students at SMCDS are required to follow the guidelines as set forth by the school with regards to a wide range of technological devices. The Responsible Computer Use and Acceptable Use Policy stated below are examples of the guidelines we establish here at school to best support our students as they travel the information superhighway.


 Responsible Computer Use

Every student has the right to expect privacy in his/her activities and, to the greatest extent possible, protection from harassment or unwanted contact by other members of the community. Every student has the responsibility to respect and protect the rights of every other user, and to conduct himself/herself in a way that is not hurtful to others or their property.

Every student is expected to act with honesty and integrity in his/her dealings with others inside and outside of school. These expectations form the heart of the following acceptable use guidelines that are intended for all users.

Acceptable Use Policy

Technology is an integral and necessary component to all students’ learning, and should not be limited or restricted to a detriment. However, certain responsibilities are assumed. Students and faculty understand that they are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner when using any of the school’s Lab, classroom, and laptop computers, as well as the networks and accessories.

At St. Michael’s, we use a variety of technologies, computers, networks, and even school-sponsored web environments, that support learning and enhance teaching. Students, as well as faculty and staff, are expected to use these community resources in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner. When at school, computers should be used for educational or research purposes. Games, instant messaging, web-based email, and social-networking spaces (such as “Facebook”) are therefore not allowed. To access files both at home and school, additional resources will be provided, preventing any need for email.

It is considered a violation of a major school rule to use a computer, whether in school or at home, to harass, insult, disparage or otherwise use the internet or any messaging device against any member of the St. Michael’s community.

It is expected that each student, as a model member of the St. Michael’s community will adhere, and agree, to these guidelines.

    1. I agree to respect the privacy of others. I will not read, delete, erase or modify another person’s files without their permission.
    2. I agree not to use profanity or obscenity, and will avoid insulting and inflammatory speech in communication over the school network, or any other public network.
    3. I agree not to access or download offensive, illicit, or explicit material. I will only access sites that would be considered appropriate by all members of the community. If I accidentally access an offensive site, I will tell my teachers so that it can be blocked for other students.
    4. I agree not to use the school’s technology to create, print, or distribute material that is inappropriate, malicious, or wasteful.
    5. I agree not to post, distribute, or use without permission material that was created by someone else. I understand that plagiarism will not be tolerated, and will take every measure to ensure that proper credit is given.
    6. I agree not to copy commercial software off the Internet in violation of copyright laws, and I agree not to install illegal software on the school system. I also agree not to duplicate copyrighted software from the school’s computers. If I have any questions. I will ask a teacher before using any suspicious software.
    7. I agree not to download music, image, or video files without permission of a teacher. I will respect all copyright laws, and ask before downloading if I have any questions.
    8. I understand that I represent myself, my family, and my school in any online forum and will conduct myself appropriately. I understand that any actions deemed inappropriate by the school, regardless of where they occur, could result in disciplinary action.
    9. To keep the system safe and accessible for everyone, I agree to notify a faculty member if I observe or have knowledge of violations of these guidelines.

Personal Computers

Students may bring their personal laptop computers to school with a signed laptop permission sheet, after they have been given approval by the Director of Academic Technology. Even if these computers are only used on occasion, they must be approved. Students may not plug personal computers into the network, and are responsible for bringing another media device – such as a USB drive – if they anticipate printing from a networked printer. All personal computer use, while at school, must be in compliance with the Acceptable Use Policies above.

iPods and MP3 Players

Some students may have permission to use iPods, or other MP3 players, in school as educational supports. These are to be used ONLY for educational purposes and not for music or video playing. If a student abuses this privilege, they may lose the right to bring these players into school. Through the library, students may have the opportunity to check-out iPods in order to listen to audio books. While using these players, they may not connect them to personal computers, or the school’s computers, without the permission of the librarian.