Technology at St. Michael’s Country Day School

SMCDS April 2014 0045At St. Michael’s, we see technology as an integral part of our students’ learning process. We accomplish this through an advanced and cutting edge technology infrastructure featuring SMARTboards, trending software packages, laptops, computer labs and a 1 to 1 iPad program. In the Lower School, students have an abundance of technology available to them. Grades 1-2 share an Apple Macbook laptop cart that is large enough to handle one grade at a time.

photo (1)In 2012 we launched a 1:1 Apple iPad initiative with grades 3 and 4. Our teachers have redesigned their curriculum, knowing that now each one of their students can have technology available to them whenever there is a teachable moment. In addition to the 1:1 iPads, there is also an iPad cart for the rest of the Lower School to experiment with. Each grade level has a SMARTboard and an Apple TV mounted in their classrooms.SMCDS April 2014 0022Lastly, our Lower School teachers always have one of our computer labs available to them, outfitted with Apple iMacs, and loaded with all the software packages they would need.

The 1:1 iPad program continues in the Middle School grades. Teachers of students grades 5-8 can plan an assignment, knowing our students have access to their technology both at home and at school. Our Middle School students have their iPad available to them, as well as both of the computer labs on campus. Each Middle School student is given an email address within our Google Mail and Google Docs domain. This allows them to collaborate with their teachers, and each other.


In September 2012, we started off the year with a SMARTtable in the Early Childhood division. This interactive table allows up to 6 students at a time to have a hands on learning experience. Math, reading, and phonics are just a few of the skills that can be put to the test in a fun and exciting approach. The table comes with many pre-loaded, age appropriate learning applications.  It also provides our teachers the opportunity to develop interactive learning applications that compliment their curriculum. St. Michael’s is honored to be one of the few schools in Rhode Island to have a SMARTtable as a learning tool. It enhances our curriculum, and gives our youngest students the proper amount of technology awareness.

photo (2)

At this point, most schools are using iPads in some capacity. At St. Michael’s, we try to take the iPad to the next level. From our new state of the art film room including a video production green screen, to EXO microscope slide capture attachments in our science labs – our iPad use is anything but ordinary.

If you have any questions about our Technology program, please feel free to contact our Director of Technology – Jeff Day. 401-849-5970×390 or