Spa 5 – 2 sided worksheet and practice linkhttp://www.spanishspanish.com/numbers/monster.html


Spa 6 – wb 99-100 and practice vocabulary – use flashcards from the online text resources

Spa 7 – reading comp in wb p 283-284

Spa 8 – write script for VLOG – Create it on a google doc. and share with me

8th gr. sci. for Wednesday

1) Bring in a notebook to use as your Journal
2) Read the handout on structure and highlight it or takes notes on it. I will allow you to use your notes or highlights to take a quiz on it.
3) Research bridge designs for ideas for your bridge.

8th Grade History for Tuesday, February 21

Check your email for full instructions. You will be conducting an interview to discuss your family’s immigration history and writing at least two well-organized and descriptive paragraphs telling the story. The email will have detailed instructions. You must read the email before beginning.