Good minds require good bodies, and good bodies require good food!

Parents have the option to send in lunch with their children or order a school lunch from a variety of local restaurants. Last year, the school worked with a firm that created a website ordering process and worked with local restaurants to deliver meals to the school for distribution.

Over the summer, we worked with members of the Parents Association to create our own lunch website, allowing us to work directly with restaurants to supply meals for our students. The new process gives us greater control over food costs, choices, and delivery.

Students may also bring their own lunch to school if they choose to not participate in the lunch program. For more information about the kinds of food served at SMCDS as part of our hot lunch program, please contact Jane McPherson at 401-849-5970 ext 300.

Please note: some of our students have a peanut allergy.  Taking this into consideration, the following resource is available for ideas on “safe snacks”.  If you have questions on peanut-free food, please contact Megan Buchanan, School Nurse at 401-849-5970 ext 389