Professional Development


St. Michael's Country Day School, Newport, RIIn order to be the best, one must always be learning. This philosophy does not just apply to our children, but to our teachers as well.

It is not enough to maintain the status quo; new ideas, concepts and information are always being discovered.  We recognize the mark of a great and enlightened institution is the ability to adapt its belief system and philosophy when new ideas evolve.

Our dynamic and creative faculty exemplify these values to their core.

Our professional development program strives to keep our teachers at the forefront of the education industry. Improving teaching and learning methodologies, ensures our teachers will maintain their standing as masters of their craft. In every case, this leads to tangible advantage and success for our students in the classroom.

St. Michael's Country Day School, Newport, RIProfessional Development opportunities our faculty has engaged in over the last few years:

• Three SMCDS faculty presented at the Association of Independent Schools of New England annual conference in autumn 2014.

• Participated in a school-wide Bully proofing your classroom workshop

• Trained on how to use yoga in the classroom

• Trained on how to use a SMART table (Age appropriate technology for early childhood)

• Participated in a study of Rhode Island estuaries to demonstrate the impact of global climate change

• Attended the Broadway Teachers Workshop to enhance teaching of technical theatre skills

• Trained in teaching sign language

• Participated in a Creativity workshop focused on using  journaling to build creative writing skills

•Trained in using iPads as an educational tool

• Trained in use of whittle equipment to enrich the educational gymnastics program offered in physical education class

• Attended the Gifted and Talented Conference

• Participated in Linguistics training to support literacy needs of middle school students

• Trained on how to work with students with executive functioning difficulties

• Received instruction in the RAVE-O, a reading intervention program

• Attended organization and study skills clinics

• Conferenced on sustainable innovations in schools

• Attended workshops on advanced firing techniques for pottery