What Do You Look For When Choosing an Extraordinary Middle School for your Son or Daughter?

 “In middle school at SMCDS I learned to go further than I thought I could go. I learned to be a pioneer. To push myself and to work with others. Now that I’m in college, I realize that my time at SMCDS has made all the difference in my success compared to other students I see.” – SMCDS alumnus class of 2008 

St. Michael's Country Day School, Newport, RIHow many of us want to go back to middle school? For most adults the answer is a resounding… “No!”

 In order to answer “Yes”, a middle school needs to be safe yet challenging, warmly familiar yet constantly new, consistently rigorous yet adaptively nimble.

 At SMCDS, we take the “Tweener” years of middle school and turn them into the “Leader” years. 

Our students are the Senior Senators of our campus: caring for their Kindergarten buddies, leading community service efforts, captaining our athletic teams, acting the lead roles in theater, and presenting speeches to the entire school community. 

When looking for the best middle school experience for your child, you may want to consider the following questions?Riegel_140930_0237

  • How do the academic curriculum, nightly homework, and even the school day’s schedule adapt to meet my child’s needs?
  • How do my children learn to be leaders, not by hearing about it, but by doing it?
  • How do models of assessment reflect real life opportunities and challenges?
  • Where are values modeled, explored, discussed, and practiced…not just taught?
  • What life-long skills are implemented into the curriculum, so that my child can be independent, confident, organized, and creative? 

We invite you to explore the links to the left, and to call or email for a tour of the middle school classrooms as you get to know the “Tweener” years at SMCDS. We are confident you will find a program that exceeds your expectations in every way.