What Do You Look For When Selecting an Extraordinary Lower School Experience for Your Child?

SMCDS all jpegs 0199Do you remember your favorite teacher? The one that really cared about you and listened to your ideas about flying into space, or becoming President, or sailing around the world? The teacher that loved to…




What if EVERY one of your teachers was the best teacher ever? What if first grade was the best year ever, until your child completed second grade, which then became the best year ever? Until third grade….?

At SMCDS, that happens every day….

Your child’s elementary years are critical years of constructing the habits of mind that will empower them to eventually mature as scholars and take flight as leaders. It’s during elementary school that your son or daughter will develop study routines for nightly work, self-confidence to persevere through daily challenges, and thoughtful curiosity to find and pursue their individual passions.

When looking for an extraordinary elementary school for your child, ask yourself:St. Michael's Country Day School, Newport, RI

·       How does the school teach to MY child, in math, reading, writing, and science, and how am I, as a parent, part of that process?

·       How does the school KNOW that my child is learning effectively, and how does the school communicate that evidence to me?

·       How does my child use technology at school, and how does its use prepare my child to be a collaborative problem solver?

·       How does the school’s weekly schedule demonstrate its prioritization of visual arts, performing arts, daily play, and cultural diversity?

We invite you to explore the links to the left, by grade-level, and to call or email for a tour to see our teachers and students in action.