On Monday, October 24 we will have our tech words vocabulary quiz.  Please don’t forget to study!


Intro to Theatre

Vocabulary (tech-related words)


    1. Center Stage:  the middle of the stage
    2. Downstage: area of the stage that is closest to the audience
    3. Upstage: area of the stage farthest away from audience, toward the backstage wall
    4. Stage Left: stage area to actor’s left as she faces the audience
    5. Stage Right: stage area to actor’s right as he faces the audience
    6. Backstage: area behind stage not visible to audience
    7. Wings: offstage to right or left of the acting area
    8. Fourth Wall: imaginary wall between stage and audience
    9. House: auditorium where the audience sits to watch the play
    10. Proscenium: permanent framed opening through which the audience sees the play
    11. Costumes:  clothing that the actors wear onstage
    12. Flat: A basic unit of scenery that is usually a wooden frame covered by fabric or wood to represent walls. They sometimes have doors or windows built into them.
    13. Platform: A raised level surface on which people or things can stand.
    14. Set: The complete stage setting for a play consisting of flats and platforms
    15. Props: (Properties) All items used on stage that are not part of the set or costumes. Hand-held items used by an actor are referred to as Personal Props.
    16. Strike: take down set and props after the show’s final performance
    17. Heads:  shouted warning for the staff to be aware of activity above them, also used when an object is being dropped from above
    18. Cue to Cue: cutting out action and dialogue between technical cues during a tech rehearsal to save time
    19. Director: The director is the key figure in a theatrical production, coordinating everything from the casting, through rehearsals, to the final performance. Directors are responsible for the artistic interpretation of the play
    20. Technical Director: person responsible for the technical requirements of a production