Intro to Theatre & Acting Workshop Play Reviews

Intro to Theatre & Acting Workshop Play Reviews

Play Review – Guidelines

For Intro to Theatre, 1 play review is due by May 24.

For Acting Workshop, 1 play review due by January 12, a second is due by May 24.

The play reviews should be typed (or very neatly written), and should be about a page in length. Please spell-check, and use proper grammar and sentence construction. Feel free to be honest about your opinions of the performance, but be sure to give examples to support why you formed your opinions.

First Paragraph:         Include information about what play you saw, who directed it, where and when it was performed. Give an overall opinion of the performance.

Second Paragraph:      Give a brief description of what the play is about – don’t give away the whole plot, but do tell if it’s a comedy, drama, musical, etc., and tell some of the plot highlights.

Third Paragraph:        Pick a few of the actors who impressed you (either with their talent or lack of…), and describe how they did. Give examples of what they did that was good, or bad, and your opinions about them.

Fourth Paragraph:      Pick a few of the technical aspects of the production, describe them, and give your opinions about them. You could choose to write about the directing, the set, costumes, lighting, sound, special effects, or overall design.

Final Paragraph:         Wrap up your ideas, and give a recommendation to the readers about whether they should see or skip this play.

*** Include a program from the production if possible! ***