Health Education at SMCDS

Riegel_140930_0672Developing a strong young adult means much more than making sure that they know reading, writing, and arithmetic. At SMCDS we believe strongly that our students must be healthy in their minds and bodies as well as in their academic life.

Each grade-level at SMCDS has its own curricular program with regards to health and wellness. The list below is a sample of that coursework:

Pre-Kindergarten 3 – “All about us”  Students discuss their bodies, organs, systems, and hand washing.

Pre-Kindergarten 4 – Nutrition, Food Groups, My Plate, Dental Health and hand washing.

Riegel_140930_0798Kindergarten – Social Awareness, Conflict resolution, hand washing, community.

1st Grade –   Human Body Part One: includes the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, kidneys, and liver.

2nd Grade –  Human Body Part Two: includes the brain, nerves, and the senses.

3rd Grade –  Nutrition.

4th Grade –  Hygiene, grow your own food in the garden.

6th Grade –  Peer relationships, first aid, and puberty.

7th Grade –  Nutrition with focus on eating disorders, substance abuse, physical and psychological addiction.

8th Grade –  Human Sexuality.