Welcome on Behalf of the Entire St. Michael’s Country Day School Community!


St. Michael's Country Day School, Newport, RIIn September 1939, Mr. Chauncey Beasley opened the doors of St. Michael’s School with an enrollment of four students. Mr. Beasley was known as a dedicated and innovative educator and, within a decade, the school’s enrollment had risen to 200. Mr. Beasley laid the cornerstone for our unique history and tradition. In this, my first year at St. Michael’s, I have learned a great deal about the legacy of Mr. Beasley, but three things stand out to me:

1. There is an atmosphere at St. Michael’s of high expectation – teachers who speak passionately about their role in educating the next generation of student leadership in the community and in the world; trustees who view St. Michael’s as the finest school in Newport and who aspire to build the finest school in the country; parents who make sacrifice and commitment to help create a dynamic, inspiring community for their children; students who sense the importance of these years in determining their character and future success.

2. There is a genuine warmth and joy to our school community. When you visit St. Michael’s, you will find happy students, engaged parents, and caring, dedicated teachers. You will hear inspiring stories about how St. Michael’s teachers have deeply impacted the life of a child or a family.

3. There is a unique culture and history to St. Michael’s and to Newport that engenders an appreciation for the past, for the Arts, for an environment of stunning beauty and historical significance; for an entrepreneurial spirit that built the school, the mansions, as well as the industry and character of Newport and its surrounding environs.

We expect great things for our students. Before they enter secondary school, these children will have formed their lifelong attitudes about what it takes to be successful in high school, in college and beyond. We are in the business of educating our children for the next generation of leadership in Newport and in the world.  We are sincere in our challenge, our warmth, and our commitment. We honor the legacy of Mr. Beasley in our hearts.

Welcome to our community.


John H. Zurn

Head of School