St Michael's Country Day School | Extended School Day (ESD)
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Extended School Day (ESD)


The Extended School Day (ESD) program is offered to all students who attend St. Michael’s and who require after-school care. It provides flexibility and convenience for parents, and allows students the chance to unwind with their friends. The ESD program is available to students from preschool through eighth grade and provides the children with activities, games, exercise, help with their homework, and a snack, in a safe and comfortable environment. As an extension of the regular St. Michael’s school day, the Director and staff of the ESD program work to promote and reinforce the same values and behavior that are being taught in the classrooms. The Director and staff strive to create a fun and encouraging atmosphere where the children are expected to treat their fellow classmates, the staff, and themselves with respect and consideration.

The ESD program is separated into two sections between the lower school and the middle school. The lower school section is based in the Early Childhood Center area of the Van Beuren Building. The middle school section is called the Think Tank and is based in the Rose Canepari Library. The program begins each day 3:00 p.m. and runs until 5:30 p.m.

ESD Rates

We hope that you decide to take advantage of this enriching and convenient opportunity that the ESD program has to offer, and that you and your child have a successful school year.  For more information please contact Ted Ferry at 401-849-5970 x304 or

Early Childhood Program

Riegel_140930_0270For students in the preschool and prekindergarten programs, ESD begins at 3:00. The staff assists the children with items brought from home such as blankets, pillows and stuffed animals to ensure their comfort. A classical CD is turned on and the lights are shut off to create a relaxing and quiet environment. The children may look through books and play quietly with their stuffed animals though many of them fall asleep for a short time. The purpose of rest time is to give the children quiet, personal time, in which they can relax and recharge in preparation for the rest of their day.

Lower School Program

The Early Childhood Center is used for children in grades preschool through fourth if the weather does not permit outside play. This is a wonderful environment to promote creativity as each room has a designated activity. For example, one room is the Lego room, another is an activity room, a coloring room, and finally the homework room. The homework room has a very interesting dynamic where 1st grade students are comfortable asking 4th grade students for assistance with a problem that they may be having with their homework. A staff member is always available for assistance as well, yet the spirit of academia is truly alive when the children are interacting with one another.

Snack time is at 3:15pm daily and is another social time for the children. The Director and Staff serve the children their snack, and the children are expected to clean up their area upon completion of their snack to promote responsibility.

If the weather permits outside play, the children go to the playground at dismissal and have a variety of equipment, swings, monkey bars, slides, etc. to play on. They are also provided several balls, buckets, shovels, and sidewalk chalk. The children are very accepting of one another in the playground and include even the younger children in their play. This environment is stimulating both physically and mentally. The Director and staff have a first aid kit, telephone, and clip-board with the attendance list at all times. While on the playground, headcounts are regularly taken by the Director and staff to keep track of all the children. As the children are picked up, their names are crossed off the attendance list so that everyone is accounted for at all times. If there are any special instruction, or changes in who will be picking the child up, it is noted on the attendance list.

Middle School Program

St. Michael's Country Day School, Newport, RIStudents in the middle school, grades five through eight, are invited to join the Think Tank, which is the middle school version of the ESD program. The students go to the Rose Canepari Library where a staff member is present at all times. The students study, use the computer and socialize. They are provided with a snack and drink at 3:30, which tends to be a very social part of their day. Middle school students are allowed to use the playground as well, but are kept slightly separate from the lower school children because of their size and age differences.

Music at St. Michael’s (MASM)

Our faculty offers private lessons on piano/keyboard, woodwinds (clarinet, flute, saxophone), violin, and guitar. Students may sign up for these programs as part of our After-School curriculum. There are two recitals each year, one in December and one in the spring, where our students showcase their talents to the broader community.

Additional Seasonal Offerings

Depending on the season of the school year, SMCDS offers a host of additional after-school offerings. In the past these offerings included chess, yoga, squash, mine craft, and more! While these offerings require an additional charge, they are a great way to extend the school day and enrich your child’s wellness!