What Do You Look For When Seeking a Truly Extraordinary Early Childhood Program for Your Son or Daughter?

 “Early Childhood at St. Michael’s is so much more than what I had expected, or even hoped, for my son. The program is uniquely designed to meet each child as they develop, and it is infused with amazing arts, science, and languages. I’m blown away…”  -Mother of a Preschool Boy.

Riegel_140930_0255“Magic exists…”

“The tooth fairy really leaves a quarter under your pillow…”

“In this world, I can do anything I set my mind to do, and be anyone I decide I want to be…”

 These are the voices of our youngest students; our early childhood boys and girls. And we LOVE to hear those voices.

Your son or daughter has amazing natural curiosity. They want to discover, build, run, and share. They want to know “why things are the way they are?” At SMCDS, we harness that energy amidst a daily schedule of discovering, playing, sharing, and all the while, learning.

Through a seamlessly constant series of intentional instruction, modeling, exploration, and inquiry, SMCDS faculty immerse your child in a world where they develop their I.Q. as much as they develop their E.Q. With a gentle hand, SMCDS teachers guide and captivate, inspire, and nurture your child to begin on the path of discovering who they are and who they will be.

When looking for an extraordinary early childhood program for your child, ask yourself:St. Michael's Country Day School, Newport, RI

  • How is the school day and week crafted to guide my child to learn, discover, and explore within the intentional scope and sequence of academic skills and content reaching up towards elementary and middle school expectations?
  • What is the caliber of the programming in Music? Science? Movement? Art? Physical Education? World Language?
  • Where does my child get to explore and discover as an individual in their school day? Where does my child learn the value of being in, and the skills to be a part of, a group during the school day?
  • What can I expect from the teachers with regards to daily communication about my child and their experience at school each day?
  • How will I be a part of my child’s school experience, while fostering my son or daughter’s independence at this, the first and most fundamental, stages of my child’s school years?

Our Early Childhood program is truly magical. We invite you to call or email to make an appointment and to see for yourself our teachers and students in action.