Summer Camp 2014 0010Diversity at St. Michael’s Country Day School

St. Michael’s Country Day School was founded on the principles of establishing high academic and high character expectations for students in PS through 8th grade. We are a community dedicated to a vision of positive change in the world.

In order to promote these values, the School embraces diversity as a sign of a healthy, balanced community. Diversity is good for our children- we want our children to continue to learn how to work and live in, and with, diverse communities in which all people are valued. As a school community, we seek to model tolerance and acceptance in an environment where students learn from and value their differences.

The Board at St. Michael’s Country Day School envisions a racially, socio-economically, and culturally diverse community that celebrates our differences and fosters a culture of inclusion and multiculturalism.


• We are thus committed to enrolling and supporting a diverse student body and to growing a diverse faculty, staff, and Board.

• We are committed to weaving diversity into the fabric of who we are, what we do, and what we value.

• We aim to engage mindfully in open and frequent dialogues to ensure that each and every member of our community is valued and respected.

We believe that all of us contribute to, and benefit from, the similarities and differences we bring to our community.