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images-2 Welcome to the 2015 SMCDS Spring Party and Auction!

On Saturday, May 30 from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. the SMCDS community will come together for a lovely evening of food, wine, and togetherness in support of our wonderful community. There will be fun activities including a Silent Auction, a Wine Grab, and a Faculty Grape Stomp Contest! The ticket price of $75 includes an open bar, hors d’oeuvres, and dancing to a live band. Forget the black and tie and come in casual flair for a fun night honoring a great school!

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ArtsFest 2015

Each year our community comes together in May to celebrate the extraordinary arts program at SMCDS. From 6-9 p.m., the campus is overflowing with over 600 works of visual art, actors performing on stage, musicians playing their instruments, and choral groups singing songs. The event is a validation of our school’s commitment to the arts, which remain a vibrant and integral part of the students’ core curriculum. Enjoy these pictures of the event and some of the artwork itself.



unnamedEfforts on behalf of our 3rd grade to name the American Burying Beetle the Rhode Island state bug got a big lift last week when three television stations and a radio station gave significant coverage to their legislative efforts.  Click on the links below to watch the exciting coverage!



ABC6 –

NBC10 –



imagesHave you every wondered about the range of schools available to your child for high school? Come learn more about local independent schools at our High School fair. Over two-dozen schools will be represented including schools from Aquidneck Island, South County RI, the greater Providence region, and across New England states. Day schools, boarding schools, and both secular and parochial schools will be represented.

The event is designed for families across the greater Newport and South County region whose children are currently in 6th or 7th grade, but families with children of all ages are welcomed.

Students in the eighth grade at SMCDS brought some destruction to their instruction this week. As part of a unit of study about physics, forces, and structural design, the students were tasked to build bridges out of popsicle sticks.

Each bridge employed the same amount of sticks, and had to be the same length, but students were free to experiment with design and support ideas in the effort to hold the most weight. Some designs were more artistic, and others more stable, but the winning bridges combined a bit of each.

The final test of the bridges was to place weights onto each of them and see how much they could hold before breaking. The audience, comprised of middle school students from grades five, six, and seven, clamored for a great view of the excitement.

unnamed copy

Alice poster - Version 2

The St. Michael’s Theatre Ensemble presents Alice in Wonderland, on Thursday March 5th and Friday March 6th at 7:00, and Saturday March 7th at 2:00.  Admission is free and open to all.  Come step through the looking glass with us – we hope to see you in the audience!

Our 3rd grade class at SMCDS is trying to get the American Burying Beetle to become the state insect of Rhode Island. We studied the 50 states and we noticed that Rhode Island doesn’t have a state insect. The American Burying Beetle is endangered, and Block Island is supporting the last of them. Please help us spread the good news about the American Burying Beetle.

For example, did you know that?

The American Burying Beetle can smell a dead bird from two miles away.

The American Burying Beetle lays its eggs on a dead animal.

The American Burying Beetle is changing its habits.

The American Burying Beetle is the largest carrion beetle in North America.


Even though February is the shortest month of the calendar year, its proving to be full of amazing news at SMCDS. On February 11, SMCDS began hosting its first after-school workshops focussed on 3-D printing. Director of Technology Jeff Day designed the course in partnership with Fab Newport, a local non-profit bringing cutting edge technology to students in and around Newport.

The workshop focuses on 3D printing design and implementation. Students are learning how to use the 3D design software, and then watching their designs come to life when they print them out on our 3D printer. It is an exciting process! Even though each class could hold up to ten students, the first class filled up within an hour, and a second was added, and it too filled up within an hour, so a THIRD class was added.

Keep your eyes peeled for some of the wonderful projects coming out of the 3-D printer workshop!

Each year artists from around the Newport area convene on Ballard Park. The annual art exhibition features illuminated artwork from artists young and old around the community.

This year’s SMDCS submission was titled “Earth, Sea, and Sky Window.” It is a 8′ by 8′ stained glass: actually acrylic paint on lucite panels. Each student in our middle school studio-arts class, spent weeks designing, painting, and hanging the lucite panels. The corresponding themes of earth, sea, and sky are featured with sky on top, sea in the middle, and earth on the bottom.

Studio-art teachers Leslie Keohane and Rob Kaladjain led the middle school studio-art students and orchestrated the overall installation of the SMCDS stained glass project. Congrats to all of our accomplished artists for their wonderfully colorful and inspiring work!image

Mother Nature provided us with more than enough raw material for joyful snow sculpting during lower school morning recess. Students in preschool – grade 4 collaborated and built snow castles, birthday cakes, a snow chair, mountains, race cars, a cat, a ladybug, a sleigh pulled by a turtle, and snow angels. In the process of having fun they learned about….teamwork…collaboration….planning…..problem solving…. and persistence (as the snow was a bit fluff and therefore didn’t hold together very well)!

When the children were done building in the snow, Mr. Bennhoff led them in song while they enjoyed some hot chocolate with their buddies.
How long will our creations last? Only Mother Nature has the answer to that question, but we do know our memories of this “big snow” will last a lifetime! Enjoy the pictures!