School News

In May, the fourth graders spent time reflecting upon “What If.”

They chose an event or time period from history to immerse themselves. After becoming an expert, the students determined what if that event didn’t happen and how history might  have changed.

Here are some excerpts from their “What If” project:

What if the Mexican-American War did not happen?  Texas may not be part of the United States.  ~Bilal

What if the Peace Corps was not created?  Education in third world nation may not exist and poverty levels would continue to rise. ~John

What if the Women’s Rights Movement did not continue after they received the right to vote?   Women would not be in government or have “traditional” male occupations such as doctors and lawyers. ~ Sophie 

What if Poland was not invaded by Germany?  The Cold War would not have happened. ~ Hudson

What if Unites States did not enter World War II?  America’s economy would not have rebounded from the Great Depression.~ Keeley

What if Archduke Franz Ferdinand was never assassinated?  World Wars I and II would not have happened. ~ Alex

What if all the countries involved in World War I were not so power hungry?  There would not be nuclear warfare today. ~Elliot

What if North and Korea and South Korea did not divide into two countries? The Korean War would not have occurred because North Korea would not want to expand its borders. ~Margret

What if Saddam Hussein was not captured by American forces?  Terrorism would be a common threat and World War III could result.  ~ Donald

What if World War II did not happen?  More than 1,000,000 people would not have died. ~ Jee

What if is Adolf Hitler was not born? World War II would not have happened. ~ Patrick
What if George Washington wasn’t a general in the Revolutionary War? The United of America might not exist. ~ Ali
What if the United States did not join WWII? The atomic bomb would not have been used  in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. As a result, the Cold War may not have happened. ~Sophia
What if Watergate had never happened? Gerald Ford may not have become president. ~Makenzie
What If Germany won World War I? France would be a part of Germany. ~Grace
What if The Spanish-American War never happened?  Puerto Rico would not be a part of the United States. ~Jordan
What if Gavrilo Princip was not born?  Millions of people would not have died in World War I because  Archduke Ferdinand wouldn’t have been assassinated. ~ Katherine
What if Archduke Ferdinand was not assassinated? World War I would not have happened and the  African American soldiers who fought in this war would not have been able to help the movement for equality move ahead so the Civil Rights Movement would have been delayed . ~ Owen
What if Abraham Lincoln was not elected president? Slavery would still be legal and the Civil War may not have happened. ~Campbell
What if the Woman’s Rights Movement never happened? Nancy Pelosi would not have been a Speaker of the House. ~ Christina
What if America did not join the Vietnam War?   America would not have given asylum to Cambodian and Laotian refugees. ~ Cameron
What would happen if the North and South became two different countries before the Civll War? The Civil War wouldn’t have happened because they would have each been able to have their own laws and government. Slavery would probably still exist in the South. ~Shira

Dear Parents,

Please help us spread the word about the wonderful summer camps that we offer here at St. Michael’s by posting flyers and/or dropping off postcards at various locations or merely telling your friends.   A stack of postcards will be available at the front desk along with a list of suggested locations and brief guidelines.  Thank you in advance for helping us get the word out.
Sports Camp Poster draftJr. Adventure Camp Poster


On Monday Lower School students began their Dr. Seuss Day being greeted in the carpool line by the Cat in the Hat (Mr. Slade in full costume) and Things 1 and 2 (Mrs.Loughborough and Mrs. Hutchinson). Out of the cars came students dressed as red fish, blue fish, the grinch, Cindy Loo Who, the Cat in The Hat and Thing One and Thing Two. We even had Theodor Giessle  himself (fourth grader John Lanza)  visit all lower school classes to tell the students about his life. Dr. Geislel was accompanied by his friend the Cat in the Hat (Ted Ferry) who read his favorite Seuss tale, Green Eggs and Ham.  This special day set the stage for  our  trip on Tuesday to see Seussical at the VMA Arts and Cultural Center in Providence. This musical play, based on the Broadway version, was adapted for young audiences. The Cat in the Hat was the host and emcee as the audience “romped” through Dr.Seuss classics and learned important lessons about loyalty and friendship. Students in kindergarten through grade four enjoyed the show and then had a picnic lunch together at Wilson Park in North Kingstown. This experience provided us with a wonderful opportunity for community building and learning  across the grade levels.

On Friday students enjoyed our annual St. Michael’s Day.  The entire day was a resounding success full of games, food and loads of fun.
Students in grades.1-8 divided into 2 teams. One blue and one white.
The cottage students led the spirit by making signs, coming out and cheering for everyone.
Wed had a number of fun events this year.
Water Sponge Relay
Big Ball Battle
Long Jump
40 yard Dash
Tug of War
Sack Races
Shuttle Run
Basketball Free Throws
It was close, but white team won this year.
After the events the whole school got together on the field for a cook out. Burgers and hot dogs were cooked by Mr. Ferry, Mr. Day and Mr.Slade.
Weather held out…fun was had by all!

On Friday night we held our annual ArtsFest, a celebration of the arts, our artists, and the creative spirit at St.ARTS FESTFish Inspired Tee Shirts Michael’s.   Family, friends, alumni and staff came to witness our students’ artistic talents. Everything from visual to performing arts were presented.  Artwork ranging from drawing and painting to collage, sculpture, pottery and digital work was exhibited in every corner of campus, with each student having at least one piece on display. In addition to the art work, there were performances from our drama class as well as the chorus and A and B bands. Individual and small group student acts featured singers, instrumental, dance performances, karate and gymnastics exhibitions. The night ended with a surprise flash dance by faculty, staff and students. It was truly a memorable night for all.

The kindergarten students finished learning all the letters and sounds of the alphabet and celebrated with their annual Alphabet Day Party.  The children made special alphabet hats, listened to alphabet books and played one of their favorite games, alphabet bingo.  During lunch, they were ALPHABET 2treated to a special letter themed feast. The menu items included alphabet crackers, alphabet soup and letter shaped jello jigglers for dessert.  What a fun and memorable way for the kindergarten children to acknowledge this big accomplishment!

Last week Mr. McMahon’s 8th grade class had the opportunity to study human behavior through the “Facing History and Ourselves” program.  Hannah Brennan, Nik Schools and Lilly Molinary performed the, “Nazism Puppet show”, which demonstrated the power of political propaganda in IMG_0284government and culture.  The students learned how it was used in teaching the populace to hate Jews and as a result, polarize the population and create a dynamic of “We and they”.  Through this demonstration, the students can now see how propaganda can be used to influence and control even in our modern era.  Thank you to all involved for producing a great show.

The 5th Grade annual Fakes and Forgeries exhibition took place this week. Each student researched an artist of his/her choice and “forged”photo(2) a replica of the artist’s work. Students were asked to learn about the life of their artist beyond the art work. A new twist this year was the addition of an audio/video about the artist on the student’s ipad.

On the final day of the exhibition, a panel of local artists came in to judge our young artists. We would like to thank our judges this year: Lisa Goddard (Executive Director of the Newport Art Museum), Dana Swist, and Brenda Riggly. Dana and Brenda are both accomplished artists themselves.
The 2014 winners of the Fakes and Forgeries Exhibition were: Chloe Craig (Franz Marc) in 1st place, Elmer Sola (Paul Cezanne) in 2nd place, and Darcy Weber (Claude Monet) in 3rd place.

For the third year in a row St. Michael’s 8th grade students had a strong showing at The URI Gandhi Essay Contest. This is a photo(2)statewide contest open to all 8th grade students in public and private schools. There were over 160 entries from across the state. At the ceremony Wednesday evening 20 finalists were recognized. Three students from Tim McMahon’s history class were amongst the finalists. Julia Ludwig and Grace Siwicki received honorable mention, and Tia Delgiudice placed third. Students were asked to respond to the Gandhi quote ” Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” SMS 8th grade students student Gandhi as part of their non-violence unit.