School News

The campus was awash with sun and smiles on Friday, October 10 for the 2014 Grandparents and Special Friends Day. Over 200 guests were on hand to enjoy classes, companionship, and community. The day began with a welcome from our Head of School, John Zurn. After visiting classes and partaking in our exciting curriculum, the day ended with multiple performances in Hill House, including the “A” Band, the Recess Singers, and the School Chorus. enjoy the attached photo gallery and see if you can find YOUR family!

Join your SMDCS friends in the computer lab, along with technology teacher Mr. Foehr, and explore the magnificent world of Minecraft. Minecraft is a on-line activity which involves creating your own virtual world. What fun!

If you are interested in the world of Minecraft and would like to share what you know, learn more about how to create your own virtual world, or would just like to try something new, then Minecraft Club might be just what you need!

Join us in the SMS computer lab with Mr. Foehr where the conversation and activities will focus on Minecraft, including playing tips and help building your own environment. The classes will run from October 15th – January 16th

There will be two sections offered:

Wednesday 3-4:30 Grades 5-8

Oct. 15, 22, 29 ~ Nov. 5, 12, 19 ~ Dec. 3, 10, ~ Jan. 7, 14

Friday 3-4:30 Grades 3&4

Oct. 17, 24, 31 ~ Nov. 7, 14, 21 ~ Dec. 5, 12 ~ Jan. 9, 16

****Each section will be limited to 20 students on a first come first serve basis. ****

Classes will be a combination of instruction and play time.

*PLEASE NOTE – If you are involved in an SMCDS play or sport, those must be your first priority. Please do not ask to skip a practice, rehearsal, or game to join us. You do not have to come to every session to participate. You can start when your play or sports season is over.

On October 4 and 5 SMCDS hosted over 1,000 children and their parents in the Children’s Arts and Crafts tent at the Norman Bird Sanctuary’s Harvest Fair. Parents, teachers, students, and even several alumni were on hand to help the children with the arts, and to spread the good word about St. Michael’s Country Day School. It was truly a weekend of great community, crafts, and companionship!


This past Monday, October 6, SMCDS teachers Jessica Boyle, Lauren Hutchinson, and Kate Joubert led a series of workshops for their New England peers at the autumn AISNE regional conference. AISNE (Association of Independent Schools of New England) teachers heard nuggets of practical wisdom and advice from our three faculty, who focused on topics including STEAM programming, which centers on the integration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. We are proud of our teacher-leaders being at the head of the class. Enjoy the attached gallery of these fine educators in action!


Often times parents ask “how can I be involved in the life of my child when I enroll at SMCDS?” This past week, parents across the Early Childhood and Lower School grades showcased a diverse range of history and heritage as they met with students and shared great memories. Enjoy the gallery below to see what they did!

Emlen in seatHow much weight can a few pieces of cardboard hold? The answer may surprise you if you are one of the 8th grade structural engineers enrolled here at SMCDS. 8th grade science teacher Emlen Drayton challenged his students to build chairs that could support the weight of at least one student. The class problem-sovled and designed a host of different models. The winner supported the weight of five students!! Super science from our stellar students!

Question: What is one of the many great things about SMCDS? Answer: That we are within walking distance of

vibrant and fascinating tidal pools, and we visit them for class!  A part of their study of the worlds ocean’s, sixth grade students spent a glorious afternoon at Brenton Point, conducting field research of the rocky shore. They collected and identified organisms, learned about the limiting factors in the intertidal zone, and hypothesized how animals adapt to those limiting factors. They also collected water quality data. Enjoy the photos!


What do Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math have to do with First Grade? Everything! This year our first grade teachers have added a special theme to their program: S.T.E.M. Fridays, with the first challenge being how to construct the largest tower using only 30 identical paper cups 1.5 inches high each. Students were initially given the supplies and allowed time to experiment with their partners. They then shared strategies across groups, in particular exploring how changing the shape of the base of the tower impacted the overall strength and height of the tower.

The largest tower built by the students was over 18 inches high. How high can you build YOUR tower? Enjoy the attached photos!




Zigby the Zebra, inspired by the lead character in a lovely children’s story written by Scottish-born English author Brian Paterson, is the name of a cute stuffed-animal zebra who arrived at SMCDS this summer. Head of School John Zurn introduced Zibgy to a Kindergarten class on Tuesday, September 9. Zigby will reside with a section of students for one week, recording his events and adventures before moving on to another section of Early Childhood and Lower School students the following week. The result is a fun sharing from class to class, including early language arts, reading, and writing exercises, not to mention a wonderful collection of stories and adventures from across SMCDS. Welcome Zigby!!