8th Grade History

Read to page 7 in The New York Times Upfront Magazine.


Fake News:

Research a newsworthy topic from varying sources.  Write a brief summation of the topic along with each sources “take” on that topic.  Identify intricacies that vary in/from each other and be prepared to discuss in class.

Submit your summation via Google classroom.

Read Historical Thinking Skills handout and complete the Nat Turner Rebellion: A Historical Marker worksheet from the handout.  Pages 11, 12, and 13 that will be put in you ISN.  Do not place these in, we will do it in class- (12 being the group work we completed in class today).  If it is helpful, read an additional entry from the packet to help develop what you want your sign to say.


Reference your group’s reading.  Your response should be at least five sentences. You will need to submit a hard copy, come to class prepared and ready to discuss.

~Was the author of the article you read in favor/support of the rebellion? Use specific and direct quotations to support your answer.

~What language is used to provide insight on the author’s “slant” on the event.

(Consider the questions above as a guide for creating your response.  As best as you can- your response should include factual information from the excerpt that you read.  Do not bullet-point your response. 

Question to ponder for class discussion tomorrow:

Was the author persuasive in their depiction of the event and the people involved?

  1. Return signed ISN contract
  2. Interactive Student Notebook (ISN): Assignment 2

    Your Personal History:

    You will create a personal history, or “All About Me” page, on page 2 of your ISN. This will be a left hand page. To complete your author’s page, follow these instructions:

1. Write your name at the top of the page in a creative way.

2. Paragraph 1: Write facts about you. For example, your full name, where and when you were born, where you live, who the members of your family are, your nickname if you have one, your pets, your hobbies and interests, other facts you would like to share.

3. Paragraph 2: Write about an event or experience in your life that happened prior to this school year and write about it in the first person. You may interview a family member for details of events that happened in your early childhood.

4. Paragraph 3: Explain your hopes and expectations for this year and your dreams for the future — how and where do you see yourself 20 years from now?

Interactive Student Notebook (ISN):

Assignment 1: Inside cover page

Your cover page will be a reminder that you are serious about doing your best in class as well as give your ISN some personality!

PART ONE – Informational Content:

The following basic elements should be on your  cover page.  You may place these anywhere on the cover page but they MUST be VISABLE and CLEAR!!! I need to be able to read your name in order to grade your ISN!!!

Course Name

Your Name

Your Teacher’s Name

PART TWO – Visual Content:

Relevant Subject Information      

Flip through your textbook. Explore the internet. Talk with family members about the period in history you are about to study. Then using your knowledge and curiosity, create a cover page with drawn, printed, and/or cut images that represent what you are interested to learn about in history this year. There should be little to no white space on your cover page! Use the whole page – be creative!

Due Date:  Wednesday, September 6, 2017