7th Grade

The final drafts of your Chains essays are due by the start of class on Monday, November 20th. Be sure to include a works cited page following the format we discussed in class today. If you have any questions, be sure to reference any of the following handouts that were given out over the past two weeks:

The Thesis Statement,

The S.P.A. Format for Writing Body Paragraphs,

Works Cited Handout,

The Scoring Rubric,

and MLA Keynote in Google Classroom.

spa 5 – 2 sided worksheet, study for quiz on Monday

spa 6 – 2 sided worksheet and stuy link http://www.cram.com/flashcards/games/jewel/span-101-fall-2013-blackshaw-chapter-1-conjugation-of-ar-verbs-2673280

spa 7 – Mondya quiz on vocabulary, complete worksheet and do quia links. Make sure you sign in with your password


spa 8 – find out about Panama Games and complete wb p 50-51

spa 5 – 2 sided worksheet and study for quiz on Monday

spa 6 – worksheet and study infinitives http://www.cram.com/flashcards/games/jewel/span-101-fall-2013-blackshaw-chapter-1-conjugation-of-ar-verbs-2673280

spa 7 – study vocab. and complete 248 https://quizlet.com/244216305/avancemos-1-unit-6-lesson-1-flash-cards/

spa 8 -new vocabulary Unit 2 lesson 1 p. 109