7th Grade

Your quiz will be on Monday, October 2.  It will have the definitions provided, and you fill in the blank with the vocabulary word.

  1. Audition: a tryout for a part in a play
  2. Rehearsal:  practice sessions in which the actors and tech crew prepare for a performance through repetition
  3. Run through: rehearse the whole scene or play without interruption
  4. Character: a role that an actor portrays in a play
  5. Ensemble: the group of people collaborating to produce a performance
  6. Improvisation (Improv): an impromptu scene where the actors make up the dialogue and action
  7. Monologue: a long speech for one character
  8. Dialogue:  lines shared between two or more characters
  9. Articulation: clearly pronouncing words with good diction
  10. Project: to make oneself heard loudly and clearly
  11. Blocking: director’s planned movement for the characters
  12. Cross: an actor’s move from one part of the stage to another
  13. Open up: to cheat your face or body toward the audience
  14. Cue: (1) last words or action of one actor that immediately precede another actor’s speech; (2) signal for light changes, curtain, etc
  15. Pick up cues: to quickly begin a speech without allowing a pause between the first words of the speech and the cue
  16. Off Book:  when the actors rehearse without carrying their scripts because they have memorized their lines
  17. Critique: evaluation and suggestions
  18. Call: the time when actors are required to check in at the theatre for a rehearsal or performance
  19. Places: warning for actors to assume their position on stage for the beginning of the scene
  20. Break a Leg:  the common phrase used to wish good luck before a performance
  21. Curtain Call:  the actors’ bows at the end of a show

Play Review – Guidelines

For Intro to Theatre, 1 play review is due by May 24.

For Acting Workshop, 1 play review due by January 12, a second is due by May 24.

The play reviews should be typed (or very neatly written), and should be about a page in length. Please spell-check, and use proper grammar and sentence construction. Feel free to be honest about your opinions of the performance, but be sure to give examples to support why you formed your opinions.

First Paragraph:         Include information about what play you saw, who directed it, where and when it was performed. Give an overall opinion of the performance.

Second Paragraph:      Give a brief description of what the play is about – don’t give away the whole plot, but do tell if it’s a comedy, drama, musical, etc., and tell some of the plot highlights.

Third Paragraph:        Pick a few of the actors who impressed you (either with their talent or lack of…), and describe how they did. Give examples of what they did that was good, or bad, and your opinions about them.

Fourth Paragraph:      Pick a few of the technical aspects of the production, describe them, and give your opinions about them. You could choose to write about the directing, the set, costumes, lighting, sound, special effects, or overall design.

Final Paragraph:         Wrap up your ideas, and give a recommendation to the readers about whether they should see or skip this play.

*** Include a program from the production if possible! ***

For homework this weekend, complete the chapter page for Chapters 6-10 in your art journal. Each page should include:

1. the chapter numbers at the top
2. a quote you thought was particularly important (with page number) and an explanation of its significance
3. two literary devices the author used (identified, with page number)
4. a picture (hand-drawn or printed from the Internet) of an artifact that is significant to one of the main characters
5. an explanation of any ONE of the primary source documents included at the beginning of one of the chapters OR any other historical aspect mentioned in the chapters
6. a list of new or interesting words you encountered in your reading (at least 5)


Use the chapter page we put in your art journal today as a reference.


If you did not complete the chapter 6-10 worksheet that was due for homework today, have that in to me by Monday. I have posted the document on google classroom and will also send you the document through email.

Have a good weekend.-Mr. Vaughters


spa 5 – practice numbers 0-100

link https://www.quia.com/quiz/2575898.html?AP_rand=896932504

one side of the worksheet (buckets)

spa 6 – complete worksheet on GUSTAR

spa 7 – wb p 199,200 and practice ser estar link https://www.quia.com/pages/mashby52/page15

spa 8 – study vocab.

complete worksheets on Double Object pronouns

vocab quiz signed and extra credit