7th Grade

spa 5 – complete 2 sided worksheet. Quiz on time on Friday. Review mistakes from other worksheets. Complete links from last week.

spa 6 – 2 sided worksheet + questions. Quiz on WED (estar/ir) and THUR. application of both verbs.

spa 7 – reive vocab, preterite and body parts, doler – Part II of U6 L2 test

spa 8 – read your parts of the stories. check google class for instructions

spa 5 – Memorize forecast. We will record on Friday. Complete time packet

spa 6 – memorize prepositions. Quiz on Friday

spa 7 – complete u6l2 chapter reive pages. Write ocmplete answers in your notebook. Chapter test will be next TUES, WED and THURS

spa 8 – complete ch 1 in your readers

Pobre Ana- take notes

Guitarra – answer questions, note new vocabulary

Spa 5 – make sure you memorize your forecast. We will record on Friday. Complete the packet on Time.

Spa 6 – Quiz on school supplies tomorrow. Watch video to practice prepositions and complete worksheet on prepositions (use verb ESTAR)

Spa 7 – Quiz on preterite AR verbs and CAR,GAR,ZAR verbs too.

Wb p 285 and 287 graded

Spa 8 – Quiz on reflexive pronouns