St Michael's Country Day School | 7th Grade English
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7th Grade English


5C: first body paragraph of research essay due (be sure to follow outline and check sample shared with you on Docs!)

6H: 3rd body paragraph of hero essay due tomorrow; Leona journal entry due Monday: Answer the following question in your Google Doc: Leona is a fighter like her Granny. What did Leona do for the Gibb Street garden? Would you like Leona as a mother? Why or why not? What did you learn from Leona and Leona’s experience with the government?



6M: finish political mapping of Western Europe; extra points if you attach the political map to page 91 of your ISN and the physical map to page 90

7A: Chapter 5 study guide due; QUIZ MONDAY (not tomorrow!!)



5C: SSR; complete drawing of Grand High Witch and  write poem in Witches packet; QUIZ Tuesday on types of nouns (common and proper) and verbs (action, linking, helping).

6H: QUIZ on the mystery genre; finish reading chapters 7-14 in Crossroads and complete questions; Vocab Unit 2 Choosing the Right Word (p. 27-28)



6M: Find the population density of your city or town. Is that a high population density or a low one? Write a paragraph about how your town or city’s population density affects your daily life, giving at least 6 specific examples. You can find this information by simply putting “[your city’s name] + population density” into Google.

7A: Visit on your home desktop or laptop computer (it will not work on your iPad) and create a word cloud in the shape/colors of your choice for Chapter 2 vocabulary words. Email the finished product (as a JPEG) to me.