7th Grade English

For homework this weekend, complete the chapter page for Chapters 6-10 in your art journal. Each page should include:

1. the chapter numbers at the top
2. a quote you thought was particularly important (with page number) and an explanation of its significance
3. two literary devices the author used (identified, with page number)
4. a picture (hand-drawn or printed from the Internet) of an artifact that is significant to one of the main characters
5. an explanation of any ONE of the primary source documents included at the beginning of one of the chapters OR any other historical aspect mentioned in the chapters
6. a list of new or interesting words you encountered in your reading (at least 5)


Use the chapter page we put in your art journal today as a reference.


If you did not complete the chapter 6-10 worksheet that was due for homework today, have that in to me by Monday. I have posted the document on google classroom and will also send you the document through email.

Have a good weekend.-Mr. Vaughters


Today in class you had the choice of which task you were going to complete in class and which task you will complete for homework.

Complete whichever task you did not finish:

  • complete an art journal page for chapters VI – X (6-10) using the instructions in Google Classroom


  • read chapters XI-XV (11-15) in Chains and complete questions in Google Classroom

For Friday please read through the end of chapter 10 (page 67.) I have sent an invitation to each of you to join our google classroom. Please email me if you have any issues. I have posted the Chains chapter 6-10 questions on google classroom.

In preparation for our reading of Chains, perform research on the historical topic assigned to you today in class. Write no more than 4-5 sentences about your topic.

When writing about your topic, answer the following questions:

Who was involved?

When did it occur?

Where did it occur?

Why was it important?

Have a great weekend.-Mr. Vaughters