6th Grade History

Using the article you chose on Friday, you are to complete either the “Sum it up” or “Say What??” worksheet. You should write in complete sentences and they should address the food for thoughts we talked about in class. Below are PDF files of the worksheets.

Current Event Choice

Complete “Trying it Out- Map Skills” worksheet. If you did not complete your work on page 20 in the ISN, please do so.





~Complete 5 themes flip book (what we worked on in class) and insert into your ISN on page 17.

~Complete Longitude and Latitude worksheet and insert into your ISN on page 18.

~Update your Table of Contents.

We completed four of the five themes.  For the four we’ve completed begin to create/craft, using color and your imagination, a representation of the first two themes “location” and place.”  Use page 17 in you ISN for this assignment.  Please come to class tomorrow prepared with your supplies for working in the ISN.

Use the definitions/identifiers you wrote on page 16 to assist in creating your soon to be masterpiece.