6th Grade French

Quiz: Tues. 12/11 on “Question Words”

TEST: TUESDAY 12/19 on “ER” verbs and all that we have been doing with them

In Premier Livre do : Chapter 1 Ex. P


Quiz THURSDAY 12/7 on verbs “Montrer-Vider”

Do PREMIER LIVRE: Chapter 1 Ex. M, N

There will be a test on “ER” verbs late next week or Tuesday of the following week; STAY TUNED!!

Quiz TUESDAY 12/5 on Verbs “Cuisiner-Monter”

Do PREMIER LIVRE: Chapter 1 Ex. I, k, L(use inversion on ALL exercises and look up and write down unfamiliar words)

Quiz Thursday 11/30 on first group of “ER” Verbs(accompagner-crier)

Do PREMIER LIVRE : Chapter 1 Ex. A, B (look up any unfamiliar words and jot down)