6th Grade English

A Moment Of Brilliance:

Write about a time you had a great idea that either worked or didn’t work out. It could be the best prank you ever played, the best idea you ever had, or anything similar. If you need inspiration, read pages 35-37 in Boy.  Explain the situation, the outcome, how you felt, or any other important details. FEEL FREE TO EXAGGERATE. This should be about 5-6 sentences long. Please print this out for Monday that we can put them in your art journals. Have a great weekend.-Mr. Vaughters 

Please write and print a short memoir of your early life and one of your earliest memories. The prompt handed out in class is written below.

Write about your early life. When and where you were born? Who are your parents? Do you have any siblings? Is there anything remarkable about those family members? What is one of nv your earliest memory? It can be something small, like Roald’s tricycle, or something more grand. Be sure to choose something you have strong feelings about and that you can describe in great detail.

  • Read “Mr. Coombes” and complete outline section 4a.
  • In your art journal, create a colorful sketch of Mrs. Pratchett using text details to inspire your creation.
  • Get your essay signed! Bring back for a homework grade