St Michael's Country Day School | 6th Grade English
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6th Grade English

5H: continue working on your book jackets (DUE THURSDAY) and Book Talks (DUE MONDAY 9.19); finish your Auggie drawing if you did not finish it in class

6H: Book Talks DUE; continue working on your summer reading essay (DUE MONDAY 9.19) – remember that Friday’s class will be dedicated to working on the essay so you should have at least a paragraph written by Friday


5C: finish the ch. 18 question in your Google Doc (remember to describe, not draw!); vocab lesson 12 exercise B (pages 57-58)

6H: finish chapter 19 and complete chart for chapters 18 and 19; vocab quiz on Thursday



6M: continue working on your concept cubes for your country; Cultural celebration on Thursday – remember to fill out what you are bringing in the Google Doc.

7A: Read textbook pages 332 – 335, and the Trail of Tears handout. Once you have finished the reading, complete the sensory activity on the handout you received in class, and glue it onto page 106 of your ISN.


5C: Read chapter 17 and complete question in your Google Doc; revise your answer to the chapter 16 question if it was not complete

6H: finish chapter 17 and complete your chart for 16 and 17; vocab unit 9 Completing the Sentences; vocab quiz on 5/19



6M: continue working on your concept cubes for your country; FEAST on Thursday, 5/19

7A: Write your Nobel nomination (in proper letter format!!!) to the Nobel prize committee using either Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, or Adams as your nominee. Use the chart you have been working on to provide specific evidence. Instructions, model, and rubric are on the handout you received in class.


5C: Finish chapter 15 of Homesick and complete question in your Google Doc; QUIZ on chapters 1-14 on Friday

6H: Vocab lesson 11 Synonyms and Antonyms (Quiz on lesson 11 on 5/20/16); Giver chapters 1-15 QUIZ on Friday



7A: Read sections 1 and 2 of chapter 7 in your textbook (begins on page 234) and, following instructions on the handout you received today, complete your chart for Washington and Hamilton. Share your chart with me either from Docs or Pages BEFORE class tomorrow.


5C: Read chapter 14 of Homesick and complete questions in Google Doc; complete your index card for Fakes and Forgeries – remember to include your artist’s name, when and where they lived, and their major contributions to the art world. You want to be able to provide a good overview to our visitors!

6H: Vocab lesson 9 Choosing the Right Word (p. 113-114); read The Giver chapter 12 and complete chart for chapters 10-12



6M: finish biography – have it printed and ready to hand in by the beginning of class on Monday! prepare your index card on key points (persons name, when and where they lived, most important achievement, any interesting facts your learned)

7A: Quiz Tuesday – open notebook! Make sure pages 94-101 in your ISN are in tip-top shape!