St Michael's Country Day School | 5th Grade
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5th Grade

Test on Friday. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division of Decimals.

For Thursday, make sure you have completed page 31 in your workbook and IXL on multiplication of decimals

I.3, 1.4

Spa 5 – complete links and take screenshots.

Spa 6 – Study for quiz on comparitives

Spa 7 – do your best to write the sentences in SPanish form your research on Argentina.

Keep it simple and DO NOT use the internet. There many be a few key words that I will provide, but the majority of the sentences you need to write in SIMPLE Spanish.

Spa 8 – Pamphlet is due tomorrow. Ad is due Monday.


spa 5 – 2 sided worksheet. Quiz on weather on Wednesday. Get pictures for weather report

spa 6 – 2 sided worksheet on comparisons. Quiz on Thursday on comparisons

spa 7 – make corrections for preterite, review preterite notes. Quiz tomorrow on Preterite and oral portion of exam. Wed and Thurs are the rest of the unit test sections

spa 8 – Ad should be memorized. Pics should be ready for movie. Pamphlet should be completed by Wed with pictures and corrected text.