5th Grade

Your quiz will be on Monday, October 2.  It will have the definitions provided, and you fill in the blank with the vocabulary word.

  1. Audition: a tryout for a part in a play
  2. Rehearsal:  practice sessions in which the actors and tech crew prepare for a performance through repetition
  3. Run through: rehearse the whole scene or play without interruption
  4. Character: a role that an actor portrays in a play
  5. Ensemble: the group of people collaborating to produce a performance
  6. Improvisation (Improv): an impromptu scene where the actors make up the dialogue and action
  7. Monologue: a long speech for one character
  8. Dialogue:  lines shared between two or more characters
  9. Articulation: clearly pronouncing words with good diction
  10. Project: to make oneself heard loudly and clearly
  11. Blocking: director’s planned movement for the characters
  12. Cross: an actor’s move from one part of the stage to another
  13. Open up: to cheat your face or body toward the audience
  14. Cue: (1) last words or action of one actor that immediately precede another actor’s speech; (2) signal for light changes, curtain, etc
  15. Pick up cues: to quickly begin a speech without allowing a pause between the first words of the speech and the cue
  16. Off Book:  when the actors rehearse without carrying their scripts because they have memorized their lines
  17. Critique: evaluation and suggestions
  18. Call: the time when actors are required to check in at the theatre for a rehearsal or performance
  19. Places: warning for actors to assume their position on stage for the beginning of the scene
  20. Break a Leg:  the common phrase used to wish good luck before a performance
  21. Curtain Call:  the actors’ bows at the end of a show