St. Michael’s participates in the Battle of the Books, a game based on reading. The original Battle of the Books began in Chicago in the early 1940’s. A radio show sponsored by the Chicago Public Library, the Battle of the Books promoted reading for children.

St. Michael’s version of the Battle of the Books has been ongoing for over 20 years. In conjunction with fourth-grade students from Lincoln School, the Hamilton/Wheeler School, and Gordon School, St. Michael’s fourth graders read books from a list of 30 books. Then, in April, they travel to Providence where they’re divided into teams with students from the other participating schools. An exciting hour-and-a-half game follows that includes answering questions about the books that they’ve read, singing cheers that they’ve written, and visiting with other fourth graders.

The Battle of the Books is a capstone event that celebrates a year of reading for the fourth grade.

The fourth grade took part in the 2017 Battle of the Books  on Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Lincoln School in Providence.

This year’s list consisted of 30 books, which included a range of genres, subjects, and authors.  Of the 30 books, students had to read 15, and of course, the more books read, the better!

Journey’s “Can’t Stop Believing” will never be the same after the fourth grade’s rendition of the song at the Battle of the Books last Thursday night. Our “Leaders of the Lower School” took to the stage and had the audience rocking with their rousing singing and dancing.
They performed in front of fellow “Battle” participants from Hamilton and Wheeler Schools, the Gordon School, and the Lincoln School.
For the main event, students from each school were mixed into teams for a game show-esque competition. Teams answered questions, testing their knowledge and recall of 30 books they’ve read since November 1, 2016.  Nice work Grade 4!