All About ArtsFest

Riegel_140930_1318Imagine your entire school campus turning into  a gallery for displaying visual artwork and a stage for performing arts, all to display the hard work and commitment that fosters vibrant and inspiring finished products.

Imagine every student pointing with pride to his or her own artwork hung on the walls, as parents, grandparents, family and friends tour the hallways listening to musical performances and looking at art.

This is ArtsFest!

St. Michael's Country Day School, Newport, RIAn annual tradition at St. Michael’s Country Day School, ArtsFest is an event held each spring when family, friends, alumni and staff can witness our students’ artistic talents – whether they be visual or performing arts. Each year there is artwork from students at each and every grade level (Preschool all the way through eighth grade). The art projects range from 2D drawings, to 3D clay sculptures, to images from our computer graphics classes.

In addition to the art work, there are performances from the full-year drama crew as well as both the A and B bands. Individual student acts also feature music and dance performances, as well as jump-roping and singing.

Perhaps one of the most defining elements of ArtFest are the installations. These often multi-media art projects are the culmination of the year-long studio art class. Installations have included garden sculptures, hanging mobiles, and natural-media mandalas.