Artsfest 2018

Friday, May 18

6:00 pm

Imagine your entire school campus turning into a gallery for displaying visual artwork and a stage for performing arts, all to display the hard work and commitment that fosters vibrant and inspiring finished products.

Imagine every student pointing with pride to his or her own artwork hung on the walls, as parents, grandparents, family and friends tour the hallways listening to musical performances and looking at art.

This is ArtsFest!

ArtsFest is a celebration of the arts at St. Michael’s School. Students’ artistic work is featured throughout the school, in both visual and performance aspects. Artwork ranging from drawing and painting to collage, sculpture, pottery and digital artwork is exhibited in every corner of campus, with each student represented by at least one piece on display.

St. Michael’s Country Day School’s preschool, prekindergarten and kindergarten students will present some of the exercises they did this year in creative movement class with Miss Revka.

Middle school arts classes will offer performances, with both the A and B bands and chorus giving concerts in Hill House, and the Acting Workshop class presenting a series of short plays in the drama tent. In addition, selected students will share their performing talents in other venues such as the Canepari Library, old Mason House library, and the VBB common room. Audience members can hear piano players, guitar and singers, and watch dances. It amounts to a lively and jam-packed evening.

Please come prepared to enjoy a variety of performances, take time to browse the impressive artwork displays, and absorb the creativity that abounds! We feel sure that you’ll come away impressed by the artistic talent here at SMCDS.

Contact: Leslie Keohane
401-849-5970 ext 328